Proper drain line installation is crucial for your property’s plumbing system to function safely and optimally. Drains connect to pipes that carry wastewater away from your property into the main sewer line so without a drainage system, excess or dirty water can be quite harmful. We offer expert drain installation services that you can rely on for new homes, home renovations, or home additions. The team here at City Rooter has been providing drainage solutions for over 15 years in Toronto and across the GTA.

Why You Need Professional Drain Line Installation

Depending on the configuration and quality of your existing drain pipe installation, a broken drain pipe can leak sewer water into your main water supply. This contamination can lead to serious health complications, which is why it is crucial to be vigilant and address any plumbing issues the moment they arise. Even what appears to be a smaller problem can result in a major disaster if left undetected and unrepaired. If you do not choose professional drainage installation, then you could face these common plumbing scares:

  • Leaks: Water leaks can be dangerous and should be fixed the moment they are noticed. The size of the crack does not matter, as every leak can pose a potential danger.
  • Clogs: Drains are easily blocked by food or small objects. When this happens, it’s imperative to unclog your drain pipes to ensure there is an unrestricted flow of water and waste.
  • Pipe Bursts: This can lead to water buildup, so much so that it can be substantial and have a considerable impact on your home or business. Water damage can stain your furniture or even lead to mould growth, which can threaten your health and well-being.
  • Inefficient Waste Handling: Ineffective disposal methods can cause air pollution and water and soil contamination. Unsanitary and open landfills contribute to contamination of drinking water and can cause infection and transmit diseases.

New Drain Line Installation Services

We take a tailored approach to all our drain pipe installation services. Whether it’s for new construction, renovations, or upgrades, our streamlined installation process involves:

  • Choosing drain configuration
  • Aligning the main drain line
  • Inserting the assembly
  • Placing and securing the drain pipes
  • Cutting notches
  • Dry-fit and installing
  • Levelling and drilling
  • Connecting to vents
  • Securing pipes
  • Checking for leaks

Why Choose City Rooter for Your New Drain Line

Hiring experienced plumbers is essential when installing a new drain line because of the complexity and importance of this type of plumbing system. Our drainage experts are licensed to operate advanced technology and have been trained to use the latest plumbing techniques and methodologies for our drain line installation services.

Our professional plumbers are covered by WSIB and have liability insurance for added peace of mind. We at City Rooter value professionalism and respect and that is evident in our high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

Preventing Disaster with Expert Installation

When you choose City Rooter, you are getting a dedicated plumbing company that will work diligently to fulfill timelines and stay on schedule. Our drainage installation services are conveniently available in Toronto and the GTA for all residential and commercial properties. Contact us today to book a free, no-obligation consultation so we can schedule an appointment for your drain line installation project.

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