Every day your plumbing system works around the clock, delivering your water supply and expelling waste out of your home or business. This cycle is made possible by a clean, fully operational drainage system. That is why when you are faced with a plumbing issue of any kind, it’s imperative to address the problem early to avoid catastrophic symptoms of deteriorated drainpipes. Here at City Rooter, we have 15+ years of experience delivering drain replacement services for residential and commercial properties in Toronto and the GTA.

Recognizing the Need for Drain Replacement

Drains aren’t like typical household appliances and other plumbing fixtures like showerheads and faucets in the way that they are not as visible. In fact, many people only notice problems with their drain until it clogs. By calling in an expert plumber from City Rooter, we can professionally assess your plumbing system to determine whether repair or drain replacement is necessary.

While some drains can be unclogged simply by removing the blockage, other signs such as ageing, foul smells, deteriorated fixtures, unusual sounds, slow drainage, visible sewage backups, and recurring clogging signal larger issues and will require drain replacement.

The Advantages of Professional Drain Replacement

It’s essential that drain replacements in Toronto are carried out by our qualified plumbing technicians because attempting to DIY fix your plumbing system brings risks of improper installation, resulting in leaks, inefficient drainage, and potential for further damage.

You can also benefit from us using our trenchless technology. In most cases, this is the fastest, most non-destructive, and effective method to take care of plumbing projects. After diagnosing and executing drain line replacements for nearly two decades, our licensed plumbers know exactly which plumbing solutions will serve your property best.

Trenchless Drain Replacement Technology

We guarantee a clean, hassle-free drain replacement service with our trenchless drain replacement technology. Our certified plumbing technicians minimize dirt and debris on your property by using drop sheets and we promise to clean up any mess afterwards.

  • Trenchless Drain Replacement – This new, innovative technique uses pipe bursting to minimize excavation and cleanup. Trenchless pipe replacement not only is efficient and convenient, but also less intrusive and environmentally friendly.
  • Hydraulic pipe bursting – This highly effective method of drain replacement allows us to replace a buried sewer line without the time, expense, and hassle of digging a huge trench. Hydraulic pipe bursting can be done quickly and leaves minimal mess.

Why Choose Us for Your Drain Replacement Needs

It’s vital you choose trusted drain specialists for your drain replacement service because of how important a fully functioning plumbing system is for your home or business. We offer affordable drain line replacement pricing in Toronto and the GTA.

All drain pipe replacements we carry out come with a warranty on our workmanship and parts. Our team is always there to help you with our emergency call-outs service, including working on weekends and holidays.

Don’t Take Drain Risks – Get Reliable Drain Replacement Today!

It’s so important to address drain issues promptly with professional help. We have the skill and expertise to enhance your entire plumbing system via our available drain line replacement services. Contact us today to learn more and schedule an assessment with one of our expert plumbing specialists.

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