With every new home renovation or home addition, it may be best to optimize your plumbing system by enhancing both the water flow and water pressure throughout the house. One way to do this is by increasing the size of your property’s water supply line. Here at City Rooter, our specialized water line upgrade services include changing old lead or galvanized pipes to copper pipes that ultimately ensure a safe and efficient water supply.

Our Water Line Upgrade Services

In Toronto, water distribution typically comes from underground via the city side, and then enters your home, where from there it disperses to the fixtures accordingly. One of the main reasons why you might not be getting as much water pressure as you could be is because a smaller diameter water line can cause too much friction. Many properties have ½” diameter water lines, whereas generally, the more optimal size is ¾”. Our water service upgrade in Toronto focuses on increasing your main water line’s diameter size for better circulation. 

In addition to increasing your water pressure, another advantage of a water line upgrade is to replace lead pipes. An outdated water line using this harmful metal can potentially cause serious health concerns if the lead deteriorates and seeps into your potable water.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Water Service

You may want or need to upgrade your water service plumbing for several reasons such as low water pressure in the pipes, construction of a new building or home addition, replacing pipes that are no longer reliable, lead pipe replacement, or damaged pipes. Some benefits that home and business owners love after upgrading their water service have included:

  • Improved Water Pressure – Especially if you are renovating your home, adding another bathroom, or otherwise increasing water demand, you may need to upgrade your water service pipe to prevent low water pressure on your property. 
  • Convenience – You can use multiple water fixtures simultaneously without compromising water flow.
  • Better Water Quality – Older homes with galvanized or lead pipes pose a dangerous threat for your health and need to be upgraded to copper or an alternative modern material. You can trust City Rooter to bring healthy water back to your home. 

Water Service Line Upgrade Process

Our plumbing specialists have created a streamlined process to make upgrading your water line as easy and efficient as possible. We begin with an initial assessment to determine the size of your upgrade. Next, because we are working with the city’s underground main water service line, we will need to obtain permits.

City Rooter has new trenchless solutions for minimal landscape disruption. This innovative method requires making only a small hole on your property line and enables us to install a full water supply line with connections to your water meter or the hot water tank. Upgrading via our trenchless technology offers several environmental benefits and is the most efficient method to upgrade your water line.

Why Choose City Rooter For Your Water Line Plumbing

Our City Rooter professionals have 15+ years of experience understanding and working on water line plumbing in Toronto and the GTA. We know exactly how to evaluate your plumbing system, comply with your specific city’s regulations, and can assure you high-quality workmanship and customer service. Whether your water line is broken, or you are looking to bring in a more modern system, our water line service upgrades bring and maintain an efficient water system to your home or business. Contact us for a free consultation or to schedule a water line service for upgrading today!

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